Diffused White Lens

T-BAR LED X-Series 15/16" and 9/16"
X-Series Diffused White 2
X-Series Diffused White 1



No remote driver required.

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Product Concept
T-BAR LED X-Series with Diffused White optic uses a specially engineered optical extrusion, precisely blended with light diffusion particles to allow for uniform illumination within a minimalistic form factor.

The Diffused White lens eliminates visible imaging of the LEDs while simultaneously shaping the light for a discrete direct/indirect light distribution, providing a soft illumination on the adjacent ceiling tiles to improve overall visual comfort.

Anodized and painted aluminum extrusion body, steel mounting clips, white PC end caps, extruded acrylic lens with no visible LEDs. On-board 120-277VAC input driver with 0-10V dimming to 1%.