Achieve linear lighting on-center to the grid without slot construction and additional ceiling coordination with GEMINI! GEMINI is designed with integrated cross tees, eliminating the need for additional ceiling bracket support, accessories or even tools.

Benefits of GEMINI


Improved Ceiling Performance

  • Light occupies 4" within the center line of the grid system
  • No interrupted tiles means maximizing tile's acoustical qualities
  • Simplifies the disinfecting and cleaning of ceiling surfaces
  • Uniform ceiling surface equals improved light reflectance


Maximized Versatility

  • Custom opening in grid system not required to support the fixture
  • Main runners can run perpendicular or parallel to the GEMINI
  • Simple to relocate fixtures in flexible work space designs


No Plenum Occupancy

  • Low profile lighting replaces the grid (equals height of a cross tee)
  • No competition for space with other ceiling utilities

Reduce and Save

  • Installation is literally a snap! Minimal to no tools required
  • First and only on-center linear downlight for grid ceilings installs without need for custom opening
  • No field modification of grid or tiles required