The only lighting product that is designed, approved, and patented to replace the cross members in a suspended grid ceiling system.

Benefits of T-BAR LED


Improved Ceiling Performance

  • Lights occupy the grid only, optimizing the ceiling's ability to enhance occupant well-being
  • No interrupted tiles means maximizing tile's acoustical qualities
  • Simplifies the disinfecting and cleaning of ceiling surfaces
  • Uniform ceiling surface equals improved light reflectance


Maximized Versatility

  • Modular lighting system can be placed in the ceiling wherever light is needed
  • Simple to relocate fixtures in flexible work space designs
  • Remote low voltage power supplies can be independently controlled for up to 12 linear feet


No Plenum Occupancy

  • Low profile lighting replaces the grid (equals height of a cross tee)
  • Remote DC power supplies leaves plenum virtually unoccupied
  • No competition for space with other ceiling utilities

Reduce and Save

  • Installation is literally a snap! Minimal to no tools required
  • No field modification of grid or tiles required
  • Up to 50% savings in labor and materials costs