Our Vision

We aspire to lead the LED Lighting Revolution with innovation and sustainability in mind, preserving our natural resources and operate our logistics and operations efficiently, all while enhancing our specifiers’ and customers’ experience in providing innovative product designs that support the health and wellness of occupants.



Our Operations

JLC-Tech operations incorporate the reduce, reuse and recycle motto:

  • Our factory supports sustainable power by harnessing solar energy and giving back to the grid.
  • Our product lifecycle begins with an ecosystem of local suppliers.
  • All packing materials we receive from our suppliers are reused into shipping materials.
  • We are transitioning away from physical brochures and catalogs by making them available for download on our website and providing them on USB flash drives at industry events.
  • Any printed brochures are FSC certified and completely recyclable.
  • Our products are Made in the USA, helping to support the local economy and reduce shipping impacts on the environment.
  • Our products’ compact design saves on packaging supplies, transportation resources and reducing shipping emissions.


Product Transparencies

We are mindful of what goes into our products, and we aim to eliminate harmful substances to reduce environmental and health risks. We offer transparency into our product ingredients by utilizing standards such as the Health Product Declaration® Collaborative platform, helping contribute to a healthier world.



Health, Wellness, and the Environment

JLC-Tech products are designed to reduce the impact on the environment while bringing a wide range of benefits to every project. We take into consideration the following areas when discussing sustainable design:

  • High quality lighting (glare, flicker, CRI)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental life cycle impacts
  • Acoustic, air quality and thermal performance for occupant well-being
  • Healthy buildings
  • Reduction in building materials


Circular Economy

All JLC-Tech products are based on the best available LED technology and we aim to optimize lifetime considerations in all of our designs. At the end of the stipulated life, products can either be recycled following local waste facility regulations or shipped back to our facility for proper recycling. JLC-Tech fixtures are up to 95% recyclable, with the exception of the LED board which we will dispose of through the proper e-waste channels.