LED technology has now saturated the lighting industry, creating an enormous change in available lighting products. The market is flooded with LED lighting fixtures that re-create the old 2’x2’and 2’x4′ troffer and round down lights, resulting in LED designs that look just like the 60 year-old fluorescent lighting models!  In addition many LED lighting products are on the market now that require complicated labor intensive and high costing specialty components to mount them into the ceiling.

JLC-Tech is designing simple and elegant lighting that saves you more than just energy!

Our revolutionary approach to creating lighting fixtures with LEDs was done with one simple concept in mind:  Why add a cumbersome light fixture when the LED technology allows us to integrate light into already existing structural elements? With this thought in mind, the T-BAR LED® was born: A minimalistic low voltage linear lighting fixture that snaps tool-free into the grid with minimal labor, actually taking the place of cross members in a ceiling suspension system. The T-BAR LED is not just an LED light fixture but a part of the ceiling assembly, reducing building materials, labor and waste on a job site, all while saving energy. A concept so clear and simple that it is stunning!

The shape of the T-BAR LED® is designed to quickly transfer all the heat generated by the LED away from its surrounding area.

Thanks to our engineering and patented technology, the junction point temperature of the LED is maintained below the maximum rating allowed by the LED manufacturer, insuring product longevity. The T-BAR LED® is a step into the future, changing the way we illuminate our spaces, and improving the world in which we live, work and play.