A complete line of integrated lighting solutions for two suspended ceilings used specifically in data centers including, 15/16″ heavy duty grid as well as extruded aluminum grid systems. Occupying the grid only, the TERALyte family optimizes the ceiling’s role in high performance data centers.

Benefits of TERALyte


No Plenum Occupancy

  • Low profile lighting replaces or mounts directly into the grid, leaving the space above the ceiling virtually unoccupied.
  • No competition for space with other ceiling utilities.

Maximized Versatility

  • Modular lighting system can be placed in the ceiling wherever light is needed.
  • Simple to relocate fixtures to keep up with the ever-changing needs of a data center.


Improved Ceiling Performance

  • Lights occupy the grid only, optimizing the ceiling's ability to maintain a high performing data center.
  • No interrupted tiles means maximizing the ceiling’s airflow management characteristics.
  • Simplifies the disinfecting and cleaning of ceiling surfaces
  • Uniform ceiling surface for improved acoustics and light reflectance.


Reduce and Save

  • Installation requires minimal-to-no tools.
  • Minimal-to-no field modification of the grid, and zero modification of tiles.
  • Up to 50% savings in labor and materials costs compared to traditional troffers.
  • Ultra-high efficiency to support the energy demands of data centers.