Square Lens

T-BAR ECO DC Low Voltage 15/16" and 9/16"

Product Concept
The T-BAR ECO DC model is a 24VDC low voltage light fixture that requires a remotely installed driver. Each fixture has a small junction box located on the back with low voltage wires inside to connect to a Class 2 remote power supply. The remote power supply has an integrated junction box and is rated for plenum installations, with a 120-277VAC input and 0-10VDC the 96W supply can power up to 12ft of T-BAR ECO DC product. Using safe, low voltage Class 2 wiring allows for a simple electrical installation, easy reconfiguration of fixtures for flexible use spaces, as well as the option to connect directly into DC powered micro-grid buildings.

Anodized aluminum extruded body, steel mounting clips, painted steel end caps, high transmitting acrylic PMMA lens.