4L Model – How does it fit into the grid?


T-BAR LED can be installed in a rectangular, square or geometric trail of light, thanks to the T-BAR LED 4L® Model. An easy solution for installing linear lighting at 90 degrees above conference tables, desks, in a waiting area or the contour of a room. Create geometric linear patterns of light for special general lighting or decorative projects.

The 4L® model is a 4’ long fixture, illuminated on only two feet of its length, while the other two feet are machined to replicate a standard flat cross tee. A second fully illuminated fixture is then connected in the middle of the 4L® to create the corner of light. By selecting the 4L® Model you will be able to create shapes and patterns that include a 90° lighted connection.

* Available with all optic options and flat grid types.

4L Model 3
4L Model 2
4L Model 1